Multi-functional furniture – how to get more bang for your buck!

Let’s face it, we are living in a pretty tough economy and if we can save a dollar here and there, every little bit counts, right?  Imagine having furniture that has multiple purposes, whether it was intentionally designed that way or if you were just clever enough to realise its multi-functional potential!  Here are a few pieces that are helpful in more ways than one.

Cube Shelves

Ideal as a bookcase and to display vases, photo frames and other knick knacks, cube shelves are also the perfect home for your slimline LCD or Plasma TV.  A horizontal cube shelving system like the one pictured above is just the right height for a TV to be placed on top, while still allowing for the shelving space below to store DVDs, books and anything else that you treasure!

Sofa Beds

Sofa beds are a popular choice due to their dual purpose of acting as a lounge suite and bed all-in-one and there are a few different styles and colours available at Thriftway Furniture Geelong including both leather and suede fabrics. A new addition to the lounge suite range is the “Denmark” which is a large corner suite featuring high back comfort with lumbar support and two recliner actions in the end seats.  However, the most exciting hidden gem of this lounge suite has to be the fold out double bed!

Kitchen Chopping Block

This may seem pretty obvious, but a Kitchen Chopping Block (also known as a ‘Butcher’s Block’) is a big asset to any kitchen. Quite literally, a chopping block on wheels, this mobility allows you to move your chopped fruit and vegies to any section of the kitchen that you may be working in. There is the added convenience that fresh produce, crockery and/or pots and pans can be stored along with any other utensils in the compartments underneath, for quick and easy access. Plus, it looks REALLY good!

Just by thinking ‘outside the box’ can save you space and money even in regards to your home furnishings.

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