5 tips for buying a lounge suite

It sounds silly but many people just don’t know how to pick the right couch for their room.

Here are five tips to make getting the right couch easy.

1. Measure

First things first make sure you know the dimensions of your room and where all the major features are, heaters, windows, TV etc. Having your measurements and layout with you when you go shopping makes life a whole lot easier.

2. Use

Is this lounge suite in your family room where you and the kids all sit around and watch TV or is it a lounge room that hardly gets used. Thinking about how you use it and how many people usually sit down at the same time will help you decide what you need.

3.  Leather or Fabric?

Choosing the covering is important. You spend a lot of time on this piece of furniture so it has to feel nice to you.

4.  Colour

Make sure the colour works for YOU and suits the rest of your décor. You may like it in the shop but if it clashes with your curtains you’re not going to be happy. Also think about practicality. If you have 5 kids, white fabric probably isn’t the right choice.

5.  Comfort

Make sure you sit in any suite you’re interested in for at least a few minutes. You may like the fabric and the look but if it’s not comfortable then what’s the point.

If you think about these things while shopping, the odds of ending up with a couch that suits you, your house and your lifestyle will be much better.

Lounge suite gallery

Check out some of our current lounge suites below, or view the full range of lounge room furniture.

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