Selecting a leather couch in Geelong

Stylish and durable, choosing a timeless leather couch in Geelong at the Thriftway Furniture Megastore will help home owners lift their living room decor to another level. There’s something about leather that makes a quality statement every time. From vintage couches with soft leather that tells a story of its decades to sleek, contemporary models that add a sophisticated design element, there’s lots to love about a good leather couch.

At Thriftway Furniture Megastore, we have a wide range of living room furniture that showcases the beauty of this great upholstery option. We love the many qualities that leather brings to living room seating. It’s durable, easy to clean and repels most spills from food and drinks. And if you are asthmatic or have allergies, it won’t harbour dust mites and pet hair as easily as its fabric counterpart.

Combine those advantages with sheer good looks and you’re onto a winner. By selecting a leather couch Geelong people are adding a hefty dose of style to their homes. Whether you opt for a classic Chesterfield, a modern style with extra-large seating that’s built for relaxation or go for a mid-century vibe, your couch will be an attractive addition to the room.

Classic, retro and modern styles

Thriftway Furniture’s impressive leather sofa range includes:

  • Coco three-seater, a generous couch covered with beautiful vintage leather. With timber legs and base, this retro-look offering comes in a range of colours including black and tan;
  • Vivian three-seater recliner couch features extra-large seating. Also comes in three-seater electric settee and two-seater settee;
  • And Moran Coventry, a modern club sofa with leather upholstery. Its deep, wide seats are super comfortable.

But before you make your purchase, it’s important to consider a few important factors. First up, what size couch do you need? Measure the space so you know how much room you have to play with. And don’t just take the couch’s length into account – the height and width are also important.

Then get the trusty tape measure out and check the width of your home’s doorways. While the sofa might fit your room’s dimensions, that means little if you can’t actually manoeuvre it through the door to its new location.

Style is also important. What look are you going for? Are you after a classic look or a modern touch? Make sure your couch is a great fit for your home’s style.

And, importantly, before you select your seating, try it out in our store. Sit on it. Lie on it. Wriggle around. Make sure the cushions provide the comfort level you are after.

Thriftway Furniture’s friendly staff are always available to offer advice and guidance if you have any questions during your search for the perfect couch.

For a quality leather couch in Geelong,┬ádiscover our great range to deliver a host of worthy, affordable options. You can check out Thriftway’s couches online or visit our store to try out the furniture in person. Please contact us for more information.

Leather couches on display at the Thriftway Furniture Megastore
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