Lounge suites for all ages

Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y

Baby Boomers are generally a practical bunch when it comes to choosing a lounge suite.  They know what their style is and regard comfortability and support as paramount.  Born between 1946 and 1964, the Baby Boomers have always driven the economy, including the housing boom and regard high-quality products, such as furniture purchases as a valuable asset.  This generation is ageing and high-backed lounge suites and recliners are a great option for supporting the head, neck and back.  The “Recline and Lift Chair” (pictured below) features a remote-controlled action, which controls both the lift forward and recline back positions and it’s available it black or brown.

Baby Boomers are also attracted to modern styles that may have lower backs as this type of contemporary lounge suite can be added to a sitting room, for visitors and possibly, their teenagers and friends.  This leads to the introduction of the younger generations – Gen X and Y.

These two generations are more likely to invest in a lounge suite based on its good looks, rather than longevity as it appears that Gen Xers and Yers are moving house more often than ever before!  For many in this age gap, moving house is also an opportunity to redecorate a new home with brand new furniture and update to what’s considered “cool and fashionable”. The Atlas Double Chaise is a luxurious, sink-in oversized chair that is built for two – or one, for the ultimate stretch out. Check it out below coupled with the Atlas 2.5 Seater Recliner Sofa and Recliner Chair for the complete suite. Gen X and Y tend to be bolder with furniture choices than their Baby Boomer counterparts, and colour and sleek lines continue to be in high demand.

Whichever generation group you fall into, there is something for everyone – at every age – at Thriftway Furniture Megastore Geelong!

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