How to care for leather furniture

The thought of sinking into a luxurious leather sofa or kicking back on a leather recliner after a hard day’s work is priceless.  It’s for this very luxury and pure relaxation that makes leather furniture so popular amongst various other reasons such as its longevity (which is approximately 10 years) and resistance to spills (as they can be easily wiped off).  Here are some other handy hints on how to care for your leather furniture…

  1. Wipe down your leather furniture with a warm damp cloth weekly, so as to eradicate the build-up of oils from your hair, hands, etc. that can be left on your furniture and, in turn, potentially affect the leather if it builds up over time.
  2. To keep leather furniture soft and to prevent cracking, it’s best to get in the habit of running a leather shampoo and conditioner over it every two to three months.
  3. When purchasing leather furniture, please be aware that there are some strong medications such as certain heart medications and blood pressure tablets that can actually affect leather as it seeps out of the skins pores.  For more information, check with the Thriftway staff to make sure that you are protected by your leather furniture warranty, if this is applicable.
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