Beds R Us Mattresses

Beds ‘R’ Us is Australia’s largest independent bedding retailer and is exclusive in Geelong to Thriftway Furniture Megastore. We have an extensive range of top quality mattresses, which are made by the world leaders in bedding technology, Sleepyhead, only for Beds R’ Us. Our staff are specially trained bed experts, who understand that everyone is different and will spend time to ensure that the bed you purchase is exactly the right bed for you. We have a commitment to advise and help you with this important purchase, a purchase that will affect your sleeping habits for years to come and improve your quality of sleep and ultimately, your quality of life.

Over the past few decades, Australians have become more aware of products which promote good health. We are also aware of the benefits of proper diet and exercise, but it has only been in the last few years that we are waking up to the third part of the equation… a proper sleep. The human body uses sleep to restore strength. With the right kind of sleep, both body and mind are rejuvenated and sleep becomes a time of regeneration.

Beds ‘R’ Us at Thriftway Furniture Megastore Geelong have a comprehensive collection of beds to suit your preference for comfort, support and technology. Each of our beds offers you something unique – take your time to assess each sleep set and decide which bed is right for you. For a complete bedroom package, check out our bedroom suites with co-ordinating tallboys and bedsides.