Our Thriftway Furniture Staff


Aaron is yet another example of a loyal Thriftway employee with 12 years under his belt working at all stores.  He had a 12 month stint a few years ago driving the delivery truck, but realised that he really missed the selling process and returned to his current customer service role. “Being part of the growth of Thriftway and such large scale changes has been really quite amazing and it’s great working alongside a bunch of genuinely nice people.” If you’re looking for Aaron, you will find him willing to help with your enquiry.


Alex is the newest addition to the Thriftway Furniture Megastore family and with a background in both retail and graphic design, he certainly has a keen eye for detail. Complimenting colours and fabrics with your existing furniture is his specialty, but he also excels at furnishing the entire house! Alex is a country boy, who moved from his home town of Colac to Geelong and he is “thriving on the team environment at Thriftway as well as meeting new and existing customers.”


Angela has been with the company for 9 years.
Always kept busy, Angela works on updating products on the Thriftway Furniture website, merchandising the store and assisting customers. A bubbly personality ensures that there is never a dull moment when Angela is around and she lists “talking with customers” as one of her strengths!


Geoff started with Thriftway barely two weeks after Peter and is as equally knowledgeable with 25 years, also in the furniture industry with 17 of those being with Thriftway Furniture. Interacting with customers and finding just the right piece of furniture to accommodate each customer’s individual requirements and tastes is one of the most fulfilling aspects of Geoff’s role as a senior salesperson. “Going to the furniture shows is also interesting as we witness the changing trends in furniture as it continues to evolve over the years.”


As the owner of Thriftway Furniture for over 20 years, Neil is passionate about his business and what he can offer the Geelong  community. “Two mega stores provide customers with many choices in furniture and bedding at a time that suits them.  We offer flexible opening hours and trade 7 days per week to meet demand.”
Neil is proud to have his wife, Sharon and his two boys, Troy and Blake working alongside him at Thriftway Furniture.


Peter has been with Thriftway for 17 years and is a wealth of knowledge with 25 years’ experience in furniture.
“Being involved with the expansion from two small stores in Geelong to the massive Megastore in Newcomb has been an exciting time for the growth of a company that I’m very proud to be part of.” As a senior salesperson, Peter is fortunate to be working with colleagues who have become some of his closest friends.

Troy Harrison

Troy Harrison is Neil’s oldest son and the self-confessed “Utility Man”.  He is a Salesperson/Storeman/Delivery person and tackles these tasks with dedication and a cheeky grin! Starting with Thriftway as a 14-year-old assembling chairs and other odd jobs, Troy really has grown with the family business. “Setting up new homes with complete furnishing packages, so that customers have everything that they need delivered from just the one store is a great indicator of the convenience offered by Thriftway Furniture.”